Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Real Estate WIth Good Photos Versus Bad Photos In The MLS

We certainly have our inventory of real estate here in North Atlanta GA. There are many listings in the MLS that have great photos and some, not so good.

I have personally noticed some great photos taken on homes in the Atlanta area. Great wide angle shots of rooms that have been remodeled on homes built in the 1940's and great loft pictures as well. On the opposite side of things, some photos are taken with garbage cans in front of the garage as well as a car in the drive? It takes 5 minutes to move those things and get the photo right the first time. Here are a couple examples:

A great resource for the buyer when it comes to marketing a listing is the
virtual tour and to have a video attached to the listing.

Photos are the number one thing that buyers gravitate to in order to get real detail in a property. This may explain why sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook photo pages and tagging, is so popular.

Here is a resource for real estate so you can "tour home online" from the
comfort of your home or office. Enjoy!